We made a commitment to give back to the golf industry. FMC has kept that promise and we are hearing back about how FMC’s Give Back is making a positive impact. In addition to a diverse product portfolio, FMC provides this added support to the industry through the FMC Give Back to Local GCSAA Chapters program, an initiative driven by the FMC True Champions program, a source for golf course superintendents and managers to access valuable Product Rewards, Technical Resources and Solution Assurances. FMC True Champions also supports the local chapters of industry associations, including GCSAA. Annual contributions are set aside for local GCSAA chapters based on annual purchases.


"Thank you for supporting the Hoosier GCSA and other local chapters! We truly appreciate the $500 check which will eventually go towards turf research or a turf student scholarship.”

- Kerry Ohlwine, Hoosier GCSA 


"We truly appreciate those companies that see value in the local chapters and try to help them out.”

- Tim Kreger, Carolinas GCSA 


"Thanks to FMC’s support, we will use this unexpected money to support scholarships to attend the Great Lakes School of Turfgrass Science online educational courses. Each year, the MGCSA sponsors up to five individuals who complete the ten-week program. It is a win-win for the industry and the student. The Give Back to Local Chapters program helps make this opportunity possible.”

- Jack MacKenzie, Minnesota GCSA


"We appreciate the donation very much. We will be using the money towards education. We want our members to thrive, and education is an investment in their success. Our industry is constantly evolving, and continuing education is critical to keeping current with the latest research advancements, best management practices, regulations and product releases.”

- Maureen Sharples, GCSA of New Jersey


"We are so appreciative of the gift from FMC! We are going to increase our involvement with the First Green Program, so the funds will definitely help with that.”

- Randy Robinson, Iowa GCSA 


"The sponsorship helps us cover some of the cost of speakers and other meeting costs, allowing us to keep our meeting cost down to $20 for members. We really are grateful for their support.”

- Melvin Waldron, Ozark Turf Association


"We will be allocating our “Give Back” check toward a new program with GCSAA – The First Green Program. These funds will help us start this program with our chapter and get kids involved ‘in the game of golf’ which perpetuates the interest in the golf industry. Thank you again for these funds. We are very grateful.”

- Kim Weitzel, Heart of America GCSA 


"The money provided to the WGCSA will go to our education and programming efforts. We use these funds to offset speaker and travel costs. Your support is very much appreciated!”

- Bret Grams, Wisconsin GCSA 


“We plan to use the funds to assist with the production costs of a video highlighting the work of superintendents who help make golf an enjoyable experience for those who play the game.”

Don Hearn, New England GCSA


“We will be using the funds for scholarships and education.  We would like to thank FMC for this fun activity for our chapter members that attended the virtual GIS!!”

Rick Witt, GCSA of South Dakota


“We are using the funds to enhance educational seminars for our members.”

Tenia Workman, Georgia GCSA


We have allocated our funds to our local Riley L. Stottern Benevolent Fund.  The goal of the fund is to do as much good as possible for all Utah GCSA members and their immediate families who may be burdened by a serious illness, a death or other hardship. The money is greatly appreciated and will help our members in need.”

Natalie Barker, Utah GCSA


“We are putting these funds toward our Turf Tech Workshop. We hold this annual event for the superintendents, maintenance staff, specifically the irrigation techs, and mechanics. We do a full day of educational talks for these individuals, and this will help offset the cost of the event. Thank you for your support.”

Irene Cline, Sierra Nevada GCSA


  • Fill out the form below and indicate your local GCSAA chapter
  • Invoice purchases of Fame, Rayora, Kalida, and Serata fungicides between 1/1/22–8/31/22
  • FMC will donate a portion of qualified products back to local GCSAA chapters.
    $250 minimum per chapter applies
  • By participating in the 2022 FMC Give Back, you qualify for the FMC True Champions EOP