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First Friday Webinar Series 

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Start the new year off right (and every first Friday of each month after that) with an excellent educational opportunity geared to Pest Management Professionals. AND, in select states, you can earn Continuing Education (CEU) credits. The February 5th session will offer CEUs for professionals in South Carolina, Florida, Michigan, Indiana, West Virginia, and Texas. We continue to work to offer credit in more states!


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First Friday Kickoff

Webinar 1: Perimeter Pest Control

February 5, 2021 8 am - 9 am EST 

Learn how to inspect the perimeter of a home, how to calibrate equipment, and perimeter pest identification. These include locating potential entry points, pest harborage, hand-held sprayers, and spreaders, and identifying spiders, ticks, roaches, and other invaders.


Brian Mount, BCE

Technical Service Manager


Future Webinar Topics:

  • Mosquito Control
  • Pesticide Formulations
  • Invasive Pests

Attendees Receive:

  • Continuing Education Unit (CEU) credits in select states
  • Q & A opportunities following every session
  • $10 Dunkin digital gift card for coffee/donuts for every attendee
  • Click here to take advantage of other benefits enjoyed by FMC True Champions enrollees

First Friday 2/5/21 Webinar Registration